Group Training / Bootcamp

Monday – Friday
6am, 9.30am, 6pm

Our group training classes are second to none focusing on Constant And Never-Ending Improvement (CANI) in key areas of the individual both physically and mentally:

- Attitudes
- Beliefs
- Strength
- Speed
- Agility
- Flexibility
- Mobility
- Proprioception/Balance
- Endurance

All of these key areas are developed both Physiologically and Psychologically. Our training is a Wholistic approach to improving the individual using a composite of scientific Physiological and Psychological techniques to free the body and mind from perceived limitations and obstacles, allowing the individual to experience life at a higher level. This experience is shared with the group where strong friendships are forged creating a network of friends that support you on your journey.


Monday - Friday

Boxing Classes At Fitness Factory are designed to train you in the science and skill of boxing. Boxing has the ability to be able to unleash someones “INNER WARRIOR” and to truly realize their strength this is also the case for women and more often then not an even more empowering experience. We will teach you proper technique in stances, footwork, head movement, hand eye co-ordination, speed, agility, endurance, strength and courage, Classes are high intensity, high impact and loads of fun with an energy you will find no where else. We train those wanting to try it to mums and dads as well as those seeking a more committed and focused regime taking them to their first Amateur fight.

Super Saturday Sessions

9am - 11am

Start the weekend with a group training session, followed by 30 minutes of  stretching, and then enjoy 30 minutes of meditation to get your mind prepared for a wonderful weekend!

Personal Training

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Personal training is the most effective and personalised was to achieve specific and measurable results. Whether you have a specific weight loss or gain goal, a competition, race or event or you seek the highest quality of training strategically personalised for your wants and needs. Your Personal Trainer (PT) we establish your goals and what is the fastest and most effective path to get you there is. No distractions, Nothing missed, total laser focused training. In your First Consultation we will do goal setting, Postural analysis, Psychological Profiling to establish what your preferred methods of communication are, and much much more. This is the gold standard in Body-Mind Training.

Our trainers regularly work with athletes, sports professionals, corporates, sports teams and small businesses seeking the edge in performance. If you are wanting to take your business to the next level, get that promotion at work, improve your finances, health or personal & intimate relationships. Personal Training is for you. Personal Training is the science of establishing goals/desires, intrinsically understanding the obstacles/challenges and then strategically intervening and coaching to find the fastest and most effective path to achieving those goals and dissolving the obstacles/challenges.