Australia's most powerful and transformative gym is hiring.

Awesome Opportunity to join a team and business that is about to explode with exciting opportunities to grow with the business as we expand into multiple locations and ventures.

We are a gym like no other using sport psychology and neuro science to help people achieve and unlock their fullest potential while resolving the root cause of their health and fitness challenges.

We also have a transformative nutrition program that has helped thousands of people resolve health issues ranging from Diabetes to Cellulitus to crohns disease as well as our signature Functional Training Program that gets the body into peak performance.

We are looking for several people to join our team and helps us grow to the next level and change the lives of thousands of people.

2 x Full Time Personal Trainers/Performance Coaches
2 x Part Time Personal Trainers/Performance Coaches
1 x Full Time Gym Manager capable of also supporting Our Personal Trainers/Performance Coaches with mentoring, training, knowledge and guidance.

All new team members are trained in our "SIGNATURE SYSTEM" consisting of.
- Psychology/Mind The science of Rewiring and training the brain for better performance in all areas of life using, neuro science, Neuro Associative Conditioning, NLP and Hypnotherapuetic techniques
- Physiology/Body The 9 Pillars Of Success that trains the body to be able to function in all daily tasks at a peak level.
- Nutrition/Food the science of controlling the chemistry of the body through nutrition to heal, have more energy and achieve a peak level of health.
You will receive 4 weeks of free training and mentorship which will condition and train you to be at the top of your field in Personal Training Australia wide.

This is a once in a life time opportunity to grow and develop your skills to a level not seen in the industry and grow with a business that is set to explode where you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Please forward your resume with a cover letter stating why you are the perfect fit for this job and what you will offer that no one else will to

Good Luck