Why We Feel Out Of Control?

I think, ultimately we all sense and all feel as if we're out of control.

That we can't influence certain areas of our lives.

We all have a sense that we can't control or influence our body.

We all have a sense, that we can't influence or control our mind or our relationships or our career.

To some degree, the majority of people in today's modern cultures and modern societies feel like they're out of control.

They feel like they're a victim to circumstance.

Regular exercise, the right Nutrition as well as working on your Mindset allows you to take back control.

It allows you to influence certain parts of the brain so that you can turn off fight flight mechanisms.

So that you can turn off stress responses and switch yourself from a para-sympathetic nervous system to a sympathetic nervous system.

And in doing so, you allow yourself to come into certain parts of your brain where you feel like you are in control.

You can ultimately take back control of your life.

That's really what we want for people.

As a society, and as a culture, we have become highly conditioned, to feel that we need to protect ourselves.

To feel like we need to defend ourselves from nature.

Our programs gets you back to what's natural.

And what's natural inside of your body is what's strong, is what's healthy, and is what's happy.

Whenever you do anything with a group of people, especially when its positive minded and moving towards something that empowers you, that suddenly becomes an extremely powerful experience that you share with those people and typically we see those people go on to make very strong healthy relationships with each other.

Because they've experienced that.

It's comfort in breaking through.

And, it gives them a sense of comradery, and strength in others.

What I really wanna say is that there is no growth comfort.

And whenever we're seeking comfort a part of us is dying.

We must all seek to break free from our comfort zones.

We must all seek to break free from those chains that try to hold us back, and try to keep us safe.

Because, they actually enslave us.

Break you free from those comfort zones to break through your limitations.

You must step into that zone now.

To Your Health and Happiness,

James Buckley

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