How To Achieve Any Goal?

The secret to accomplishing what matters most to you is committing, writing your goals down on paper which this turns messy concepts and unfocused ideas into a physical thing.

This is important for many reasons.

Reticular Activating System (RAS)

There is a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System “RAS”.

It is responsible for what you become aware of consciously and unconsciously.
With more than 400 billion bits of information bombarding our neurology, every second, and your conscious awareness of that only being 2000 bits the "RAS", is like the steering wheel to your experience of reality.

Why are writing goals important?

👉Because it will force you to clarify what you want. 
Imagine setting out on a trip with no particular destination in mind.

How do you pack?
What roads do you take?
How do you know when you have arrived?

Instead, you start by picking a destination. The same is true with the milestones in your life. Writing down your goals, forces you to select something specific and decide what you want.

👉Because it will motivate you to take action. 
Writing your goals down is only the beginning. Articulating your intention is important, but it is not enough. You must execute on your goals. You have to take action. I have found that writing down my goals and reviewing them regularly provokes me to take the next most important action.

👉Because it will provide a filter for other opportunities. 
The more successful you become, the more you will be deluged with opportunities. In fact, these new opportunities can quickly become distractions that pull you off course. The only antidote I know of is, to maintain a list of written goals by which to evaluate these new opportunities.

👉Because it will help you overcome resistance. 
Every meaningful intention, dream or goal encounters resistance. From the moment you set a goal, you will begin to feel it. But if you focus on the resistance, it will only get stronger. The way to overcome it is to focus on the goal. The thing I want! It will enable you to see and celebrate your progress.

Life is hard. It is particularly difficult when you aren't seeing progress. You feel like you are working yourself to death, going nowhere. But written goals are like mile markers on a highway. They enable you to see how far you have come and how far you need to go. They also provide an opportunity for celebration when you attain them.


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James Z G Buckley

Founder Fitness Factory