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Have you ever wondered why there are more gyms, personal trainers, nutritionists, diets, fads, pills and potions than ever before yet obesity and related diseases are on the rise? It's a good question and the answer is because in almost all of these programs there is one missing piece to the puzzle and this missing piece is the MIND which controls everything. At Fitness Factory we use Sport Psychology and Hypno-Therapeutic Techniques to help people transform every area of their life and reach their FULL POTENTIAL with LONG LASTING RESULTS!

Trying to change the BODY without changing the MIND is like driving a car without the steering wheel
— James Z G Buckley (Founder Fitness Factory)

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Our Mission.

To change the shape of the Australian Health and Fitness Industry forever with integrity, passion, and simplicity, showing that the most important thing is the people that make up our community.

To deliver services that far exceed any expectations placed upon us.

To transform lives beyond what anyone believes is possible by proving that health, fitness and the body
you desire is neither complicated nor unachievable.

To create a community of strength, courage and discipline that influences every individual that enters our
doors, to be the very best they can possibly be and live the life they have always dreamt of.


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We are Community and Results Oriented. We are Focused on YOU and Achieving YOUR goals!

Unlike most gyms there are no busy crowds, small groups, for every fitness level



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