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Drop cm’s Off Your Belly, Bum And Thighs, As Well As Drop kilos Of Body Fat! This Program Includes;

  • Unlimited Group Classes @ Fitness Factory (check timetable for class details)
  • 6 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan & Recipe book
  • Weekly Weigh Ins (Mon 6-8pm & Tue 6-8pm)
  • 7 Day Home Workouts Every Week
  • Private Facebook Support Group to Share Meals, Learn About Nutrition, And Stay Motivated
  • Fitness Testing, Before/After photos and measurements…
  • 24/7 support
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Natalia Yang, 23
Human Resources Manager, Lilyfield

Time: 6 Month

  LOST 50 KG Lisa Caridi, 31 Day Care Centre Manager, Annandale


Lisa Caridi, 31
Day Care Centre Manager, Glebe

Time: 14 Month

Tina before and after.jpg


Tina Ross, 29
Office Manager, Annandale

Time: 6 Weeks



Whatever your goals are we know that the Fitness Factory 9 Pillars Of Success Program will help you get there.

At Fitness Factory we use Sport Psychology and Hypno-Therapeutic Techniques to help you transform every area of you life and reach you FULL POTENTIAL with LONG LASTING RESULTS! 

Our unique approach to physical fitness starts with breaking through the challenges in the mind!

Our training is a wholistic approach to improving the individual using a composite of scientific Physiological and Psychological techniques to free the Body & Mind from perceived limitations and obstacles, allowing the individual to experience life at a higher level. 

This experience is shared with the group and strong camaraderie and friendships are forged creating a network of friends that support you on your journey.

What We Offer



Our Difference

We know who YOU are. We know YOUR name. And we care about YOU.

Unlike gyms and other group classes, your Fitness Factory Family will know your name, what you told us last week, ask about how you are, and will treat you with a familial jest and respect you.

We are community-oriented and our Fitness Factory Family Members come first.

Experience a community that won’t let you down.

Unlike most gyms there are no busy crowds, small groups, for every fitness level



☑ You get Unlimited Access to all Classes and Gym

☑ Experience strong camaraderie and a unique community

and have a network of friends that support you on your journey.

☑ Morning & evening sessions from 5am to 8pm

so you can train anytime - no excuses.

☑ Fast paced fat burning strength circuits

designed to tone your body.

☑ Specific exercises to lift your booty designed to tone your body

and get you the stomach you dream of.



☑ You get our over and over proven Nutrition Program

that helped hundreds of clients loose consistently weight, gain more energy and get more confidence.

☑ Phase 1 - blast unwanted fat

and stabilizes your metabolism and we say goodbye to the first 1-2 kilos.

☑ Phase 2 - food quantity to boost your energy

levels and metabolism and you get to kick those last 2kgs to the curb.

 Attend Free Nutrition Seminars

and learn about the 'right' Foods

 and the missing pieces of the puzzle for your optimal Health & Energy.



☑ Transform every area of your life

and reach your full potential with long lasting results

☑ Experience benefits of sport psychology and hypno-therapeutic techniques

scientifically proven

☑ Unique approach to physical fitness

 starting with breaking through the challenges in the mind

☑ Free your Body & Mind from perceived limitations and obstacles

allowing you to experience life at a high level of confidence.

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